The Golden Rules of Putting

Golden Rule #2: Eyes focused directly over the ball
Golden Rule #9: Slow back, accelerate through
  • Create a solid stance and setup.
  • Eyes focused directly over the ball.
  • Keep your eyes, body and head still.
  • Position ball at or ahead of centre in your stance.
  • Align your feet parallel to the target line.
  • Grip the club lightly.
  • Be confident with your stroke.
  • Ensure the blade remains square throughout the stroke.
  • Slow back, accelerate through.
  • Keep your head down and listen for the ball to drop.


Par 72 is based on the length of the holes plus two putts per green, therefore 18 greens equates to 36 putts. This means that 50% of par is putting.

Consider the best touring professionals in the world only hit an average of 12 greens per round, yes they miss 33% in regulation, but the average score for this group will be par or better.

Since the best players in the world can only average 66% success rate at hitting the greens, the answer is obvious, your best chance of improving your score lies with The Short Game Coach.
*Remember a 300 yard drive counts the same as a 3 foot putt.

How great would it be to reduce your score by 5 or maybe 10 strokes?

The only sure way to achieve this is by using The Short Game Coach in all your practice routines.

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