Lower your Handicap with The Short Game Coach

The Short Game Coach teaches a consistent repeating stroke for both Putting and Chipping.

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The Short Game Coach is the ultimate Putting and Chipping Golf Training Aid for use both Indoors and Outdoors.

The Short Game Coach helps you focus on the scoring game and your skill development with the reward of lower scores much sooner.

Reversible for both left and right handed players The Short Game Coach is suitable for all players - from beginners right up to to Pro Players who wish to refine their stroke and accuracy in their short game.

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Putting Mode Putting Mode
Chipping Mode - Grass Deck Chipping Mode - Grass Deck
Chipping Mode - Hard Deck Chipping Mode - Hard Deck
  • Guarantees eyes are directly over the ball.
  • Improves players stance and set-up.
  • Instant feedback of players head/body movement.
  • Helps ensure square putter face at impact.
  • Encourages putter straight back and through stroke.
  • Helps create good tempo and confidence.
  • Chipping insert used with adjustable sight ensures players correct head and eye position for increased accuracy and consistency of stroke.
  • Non-reflective = no visible distractions.
  • Adjustable sight for players who prefer an inside to inside putting stroke.
  • Facility for 'gate drill' and 'restricted back swing' training.
  • Inside/outside De-lux Pro Guide Rail for refining your stroke.
  • Reversible for left handed players.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors to refine your stroke.
  • Portable, fits into your golf bag.
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A PUTTING MYTH - "I must keep my eyes on the ball"

This is wrong. Following the ball and putter head with your eyes during the stroke will cause head and shoulder movement during impact, this will have a major influence on the outcome of your putt - you will miss!

So unless you want to miss the hole - keep your eyes focused on the ball sight until well after impact and ensure your head remains still throughout your stroke.

Remember, head down and listen.